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DOOSAN Excavator

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DOOSAN Excavator

DOOSAN Excavator Performance

DOOSAN excavators works fast cycle times and efficient operation with power hydraulic system. Power lifting capacity makes drivers to lift more material with each cycle.
The high pressure common rail fuel injected engine system makes optimum and fuel efficiency. It means you will spend more time working and less time fueling.

DOOSAN crawler excavators have an electronic power optimizing system (EPOS), which provides multiple power modes to help you adapt to your work, such as Economy mode for fuel saving, Standard Mode for general working conditions, Power Mode for faster cycle times and heavy duty works and Power plus mode for faster speeed and greater productivity.

DOOSAN Excavator Reliability & Maintence

DOOSAN excavators is designed for long life with a x-chassic sturdy frame and reinforced upper structure.
Additional reinforcement around the bosses and internal gussets ensure long life for your workshop.

Cooling system on DOOSAN excavators are designed for more cooling capacity, which brings the engine to run more efficiently at the optimal operation temperature range.

DOOSAN Excavator Comfort & Instrument

A durable x-chassic, strengthened boom, arm assembly and easily accesible battery, air filter, radiator And other components reduce maintence costs and extend machine life
Simplified greasing system makes you to quick grease multipal areas the arms and booms.

Seat adjustment option of DOOSAN excavators bring more comforts to your job with top-class cabins which makes superior comforts, better visibility and low noise.
Also height and weight-adjustable air suspension seat and armest offer better back support.

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Doosan Excavator
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