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We are in a well position to providing you with the new and high quality of used & rebuilt excavator parts. Here we let you know most kinds of earthmoving machineries made by Korean and foreign Mfg. in our market.
Excavator description
Crawler excavators is a tracked vehicle designed to dig or move large objects, and classified by its mode of locomotion These machines range in size from the "mini" that fits through a back-yard gate, to those in mining applications and have operating weights of a quarter million pounds or more.

Wheel excavators is s type of excavators with wheeled.

A compact or mini excavator is a tracked or wheeled vehicle with an approximate operating weight from 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes.
It generally includes a standard backfill blade and features independent boom swing.
DOOSAN Excavator
DAEWOO Excavator
HALLA Excavator
HYUNDAI Excavator
SAMSUNG Excavator